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1F Exhibition Hall

The hall suits multi events and meetings with a single floor covering 8,000 square meters. Of great importance to holding events is a flat square floor space, and it is possible to freely arrange the exhibition hall to achieve a smooth flow of customers. the ceiling height of 15 meters gives ample height to allow for the exhibition of large items.



Floor Area 8,000 square metres(Aprox 2,424 Tsubo)

Exhibition Hall A 2,106 square metres
Exhibition Hall B 1,944 square metres
Exhibition Hall C 1,944 square metres
Exhibition Hall D 2,006 square metres

Ceiling Height Height 14.5m 16.4m 10m(Room partition height)
Floor 100mm raised concrete floor.
Made of surface penertration reinforced concrete.
The load limit is 5t per square meter.
Pit Electricity and gas / water pits alternate every six meters. In each zone there are 3 or 4 electricity pits and 3 water pits.
Electricity facilities
(In each Electricity pit)
>Exhibition Lighting
Single phase three line 100/200V 40KVA (200A) two systems.
>Exhibition Motive Power
Three phase three line 200V
55KVA 200A x1System
Lighting Halogen lights 120 (Average lighting 740LX)
Control Mechanism
Zone A   Fine Art (auto movable) 1
Zone B Fine Art (auto movable) 1
Zone C Fine Art (auto movable) 3
lights (auto movable) 4
Power plug (auto movable) 1
Backdrop (auto movable) 1
East West drop (manual) 2
Zone D Fine Art (auto movable) 1
lights (auto movable) 1
East West drop (manual) 2
Sound System Wireless microphone in each zone - 4 ch
Speaker mounted - 12 per zone, each of 15w
Sponsor Waiting Room One room per zone
(sound, lighting, I TV operation possible)
Wall mounted sliding seats Exhibition Hall D 770 seats
1318 seats (reversable direction)
Service Entrance One passage per zone (5.0m wide X 4.6m high)

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